Saving people from Boring brands and useless Ads.

Glíteres is a global strategy consultancy using design thinking and more collaborative methodologies to create brands,
campaigns, brand activations, user experiences, retail narratives, and even financial products for the country’s biggest bank.


We co-create to solve your business' pains.
Faster. Better. Together.

Ever heard about Agile Methodologies, Design Thinking, or Design Sprint? You can call it even Jonas or Pineapple: what matters here is the way we work. Replace six months and infinite meetings for a week of a focused and fruitful 5-day-workshop. It’s simple like that and Gica Trierweiler will tell you why.

our services

With you,
for you. This is what we can create together.

Agencies and other studios normally focus on what they can deliver to their clients. A billboard, a TV campaign, the activation of an important sponsorship – and the list goes on. Glíteres can deliver it all, but our starting point is on the brand challenge and on the people involved. From the end customer to the experts, from the external pros to the internal stakeholders. That’s why we deliver a solution already approved by the client’s committee and tested by users in 5 days only.


Brands are born from the inside out and mean way much more than a .svg with transparent background. Let's create brands people love.


Regardless of the media, every ad is an interruption. We can make it better for people so they feel like they're getting something valuable from your brand.

Positioning & Strategy

The way your brand is positioned is as important as your product's quality. Reach out to people the right way, in the right places.

Media Products & Web apps

Content goes beyond Instagram posts and TikTok 15" vids. Let's create bonding and desirable content.

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